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Marketing is the process of finding, attracting, and retaining customers while marketing plans are the strategies and activities that are used in this process. Most businesses’ goods or services have to be driven out of the shops of the businesses to the shelves of consumers.

Most marketers promise more than they can deliver. We, on the other hand, are focused on helping your business experience real growth through:

Industry analysis (synopsis)
Market research and analysis
Competitor analysis.
Marketing Plan Branding Customer Care

Marketing plans are about strategies and activities that help you to find, attract, sell to and retain your customers. In this respect, the plans have to describe the product features and its benefits, the pricing strategy, sales, and delivery plans, promotion and advertising and other factors.

All these factors are usually grouped as the Ps of marketing or the marketing mix which are aspects that are within the control of a business.

Branding is burning or stamping your business name and logo on the product and engaging in marketing activities to popularize the brand.

Elements of branding such as name and logo should be carefully considered at the formation stage. To form a brand or identity, you create and combine the business name and things like, logo, tagline, colour schemes and letter fonts or styles to form a combined name and logo.

Customer service is the quality of help and courtesy granted to the customer during service and after service delivery and the degree to which the customer is satisfied with that service. Customer service is the act of serving, helping and assisting those who buy or plan to buy from your business.

But ultimately what counts is the level of satisfaction the customer feels when they walk out of the door having been served. 

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