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If you want to start and run a successful business, here are simple steps you should follow. The article-Guidelines: how to start and run a business takes you through the basics of starting and operating a business. The steps apply no matter the size or the nature of the prospective business.

  • The conception of a Business Idea

  • Regulatory and Compliance Matters

  • Budget making and monitoring



Why start a business when salaried employment can do just as well and risks of failure or going without earnings are minimal? Much as the advantages of your business tend to outweigh disadvantages, you need to ask yourself why you are getting into the business. Is it to have a job to do that is similar to a day salary job or is it to create a hobby/occupation? Do you want a business that will generate a lot of money in five to ten years that you can then invest in other passive income-generating assets like real estate etc or do you want a business that you can build, grow and sell after some time…


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