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One of the main reasons for planning your life and income is so as to control spending and encourage savings and investing. This PDF article shows you how to do a personal strategic plan. Learn how to prepare a personal strategic plan in 3 steps…

  • Strategic plan versus a business plan

  • Elements of strategic plan

  • SMART Goals and objectives



Most people have some sort of vision of life that usually is to attain contentment, prosperity, happiness, joy, health, and peace. Though there is this vision, many have not tried to find and make necessary plans to implement and attain their purpose in life. Consequently, they have not used their God given talents, personalities, and propensities and guided their dreams, desires, and faiths properly to attain that vision. As a result of this, only a few people have managed to attain contentment, prosperity, happiness, joy, health, and peace the way it would be possible or they would have liked.


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