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Once you have decided to go into business and have figured out what to do and how to go about it, one of the remaining crucial things is money. Funds to finance a business can be raised in a number of ways. This article shows you 27 ways through which you can raise money…

  • Funds from personal savings

  • Funds from venture capitalist

  • Funds from crowd funding



You can persuade family and friends to put together money and loan it to you to start a business. This is possible but they would need to be convinced about the viability of the project and seriousness on your part. To support your efforts to raise funds from this source, you need to have credible and viable business idea and show sufficient commitment that you will start and run the business in a way that it will be able to pay all of you. If the business is ongoing, you will need to have complete and accurate business records that can show how the business is doing…


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